The SPDN in Derbyshire - South Normanton on 5 November 2010

Our meeting on Friday, 5 November 2010, was hosted by Derbyshire County Council and attended by 85 professionals from across different services. Derbyshire put a lot of enthusiasm, creativity and thought into making the day an energetic and inspiring learning opportunity, which started with healthy smoothies and a breakdancing performance by cereal box "Breaky"! The programme provided an opportunity to get to know several different social pedagogy projects in our 'market place', with a range of organisations discussing in small groups around their 'market stalls' what they had been doing around social pedagogy so far.

A key theme was also to develop the SPDN as a network that can effectively impact on the development of social pedagogy in many areas of training, policy and practice. For this purpose, Nicola Boyce from Essex County Council gave an excellent presentation on what makes networks work, introducing the notion of parallel action streams, i.e. participants having the flexibility and opportunity to follow their own passions through a diverse range of actions rathern than expecting members to adhere to a unified response. Participants also reflected upon their own experiences of being part of a network and how they could connect to others in their region to develop local alliances and support for social pedagogy, thus starting a grassroots movement. For this purpose, we finished the day with Derek Sivers' equally brilliant and hilarious TED talk on how to start a movement.