The SPDN in Scotland - Kibble on 6/7 October, 2011

The first SPDN meeting in Scotland took place on Friday, 7 October 2011. Hosted by Kibble Care and Education, it was again an inspiring event, with lots of interesting dialogue and examples of how to develop social pedagogy within teams and organisations. Kate Skinner’s presentation underpinned these by illustrating how organisations can best develop practice through training and what elements are important to consider. Many of the conversations throughout the day were also drawing on the presentations by David Crimmens on group work and the contribution of social pedagogy in reviving group care traditions as well as by Ian Milligan on resisting risk-averse practice.

For the many conversations and a social pedagogic activity we were joined by just over 90 participants. Already several other Scottish organisations have already offered to host an SPDN meeting in the future, which further demostrates the keen interest there. If you would like to receive more information about this or any future events, please send us an email.